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  • An XML library for PHP you may not hate.

  • 7 Ways to Optimize Jenkins

  • Laravel Blade Recursive Partials with @each

    In this tutorial, we’ll go through the process of implementing recursive partials in Laravel’s Blade templating engine by means of the @each command. This will allow us to render data structures with an arbitrary number of nested children without needing to know the maximum depth of the array.

    The Data

    The data I’m talking about is data like folder structures which can go deep into many levels. For our case, let’s imagine we’re dealing with a predefined data set of “Projects” in a todo application like Todoist. Feel free to grab the sample data from this gist or the code embed below:

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  • [Slides] PHP: Under The Hood (ConFoo 2015)

    Presented 2/20/2015 at ConFoo 2015 in Montreal, Canada

  • Nightly builds for PHP 7.0 now available!

    For the many people that are interested in testing PHP 7 themselves - I have some good news.

    We're now building the latest source snapshot of PHP 7 every night and posting it on  Currently we're building tarballs for RHEL/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu, but we'd be looking to add both .rpm and .deb installable packages as well as Mac and Windows builds.

    Feedback welcome!

  • Separate The User Interface Repository From The Core Application Repository

    tl;dr: Keep the core application (“model”, “domain”) code repository separate from the user interface (“controller/view”, “action/responder”) code repository; use a dependency manager in the user-interface repo to bring in the core-application repo. Nihal Sahu asked on Twitter, “How do you ‘personally’ go about building an application? What Structure?” This post is my longer-than-140-characters response. Obviously […]
  • [Slides] PHP 5.NEW: The Best Bits (ConFoo 2015)

    Presented 2/20/2015 at ConFoo 2015 in Montreal, Canada

  • Xdebug 2.3: Improvements to Tracing

  • Interview with David Stockton

    David Stockton @dstockto

    Show Notes

    The post Interview with David Stockton appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

  • Welcoming New Authors: January – March 2015

    With a new schedule and regime, we changed the author introduction post to a once per three months frequency rather than every other month like it was. As March is drawing to an end (already?!), let’s see which new souls joined us in this era of peer review. We’ll also use this opportunity to mention our newest regular authors.

    Regular Authors

    We’ve seen an influx of increased enthusiasm from our most prolific members. The first two who get to pin this medal to their chest are as follows:

    Younes Rafie, Morocco

    Younes has been with us for a while, and has been aiming for the regular author position since Q3 2014. When a man knows what he wants, there’s little that will stand in his way, and Younes grabbed the opportunity by the throat. In 2014, he was one of our most prolific authors and in 2015 he only increased his output, always keeping quality and interesting topics in mind. I take great pride in being able to welcome him into the regulars circle, and I feel like he’s just getting started.

    So far (in 2015), Younes published a whopping six posts and two quick tips. Keep up the great work!

    Daniel Sipos, Belgium

    Danny has been our Drupal expert since the day he joined. If anything was going on in the Drupal world we should know about, he was right on top of it, keeping everyone up to date and preparing the readership for Drupal 8’s imminent release. Danny earned his “R” badge in March, and starting with April, he’ll be a part of the regular circle.

    Danny’s contributions not only to our Drupal corprus but also to the peer review process have been invaluable. He reviewed countless articles, shot pull requests left and right, and even made important suggestions for improving the entire workflow.

    Danny’s 2015 portfolio counts five posts with more incoming. Excellent work!

    New Authors

    Apart from the regulars increasing their output, we’ve also had room to welcome some new souls on board. They are, in order:

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