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  • Fun Recruiter Messages

    Earlier today in the #coderabbi Freenode IRC channel, we were discussing recruiter messages. I thought I’d share one of my favorite gems from over the years.

    Would you like to join one of the fastest growing start-ups in Rhode Island? Would you like to be apart [sic] company that makes dreams come true? If you are passionate about Ruby and Opensource technology development than [sic] this is the place for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home every day and know you are doing what you love in a company that loves your work? This is not just your average “job”. This is opportunity; this is a blur between dreams and reality; this is the opportunity that is going to slingshot you to happiness & career satisfaction.

    Without shaming, ridiculing, or calling out any individuals, what’s your favorite recruiter message?

    is a web craftsman, author, and speaker. He builds a platform for professional photographers at ShootProof, organizes user groups, and lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, son, and dog named Echo. Ben blogs at and is @ramsey on Twitter.

    “Fun Recruiter Messages” was originally published at and is Copyright © 2015 Ben Ramsey. It is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

  • Review: PHP Beyond the web

    PHP Beyond the web
    Luis Martinez Ulloa
    PHP books
    Rob Aley
    This book is a real guide to developers who want to take advantage of the general purpose capabilities of PHP to make things different besides Web apps.

    I recommend this book because I believe it is complete, as its chapters follow solid guidelines to successfully develop non-Web based PHP projects.
  • Pagination with jQuery, AJAX and PHP

  • Create a Google Maps alternative with PHP and MySQL using the Leaflet library

    By Ashraf Gheith
    Leaflet is a JavaScript library that became popular for creating mobile friendly Web maps applications. It does not depend on Google, so you do not need to pay fees as you may need to when you use Google Maps.

    Read this tutorial to learn how to use Leaflet library with PHP and MySQL to create an alternative to Google Maps and implement it on your site.
  • Developers Life is a Trade-Off

    At Qafoo, we train a lot of people on topics like object oriented software design, automated testing and more. It happens quite often that an attendee asks questions like "Which is the best solution for problem class $x?", "What is the optimal tool for task $y" or "There is a new technology $z, is that the future of web development?". Some are disappointed when I reply "It depends" or "That does not exist", but that's the truth.There is no silver bullet and one of the most important skills every developer needs to hone is to assess possibilities and to find the best trade-off for the current challenge.To make that point clear I'm giving three examples from my personal experience, some where it went well and some where it did not.
  • Little things can make a difference

    Source: theleticiabertin on

    Wow, I never expected this much involvement when I created an overview of upcoming conferences this fall. I cannot deny I love Markdown to write simple things and I love simplicity. I use IA Writer to have distraction-free editing power on both my phone and laptop.

    iA Writer

    iA Writer is a minimalist text editor for OS X and iOS developed by Information Architects Incorporated. The idea of iA Writer is "to keep you focused on just writing". iA Writer has been "downloaded 600,000 times by everyone from hobbyist writers to the bestselling author Augusten Burroughs." It is the top selling text editor in the App Store behind Apple's own Pages application.

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  • PHP 7 the Big 5 + 1

    PHP 7 the Big 5 + 1

    Presented By
    Cal Evans
    DATE 20:00 CDT

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  • Driving Quality with PhpSpec

    Driving Quality with PhpSpec

    Presented By
    Ciaran McNulty
    August 20, 2015 20:00 CEST

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  • Recover Bitly Bundle Data

    For some years I've been creating a bundle of links covering articles I recommend for various topics in the Zend Certified Engineer Exam (if you can here looking for the bundle itself, it's at This was done using bitly's … Continue reading

    Lorna is an independent web development consultant, author and trainer, available for work (interesting projects only). This post was originally published at LornaJane

  • Radar: Answering Questions, and New Middleware

    Last week’s announcement of Radar, an implementation of Action-Domain-Responder using PSR-7, was a resounding success. The feedback has been mostly positive, with some confusion and misunderstanding, and with one particular question being raised more than once. This Reddit thread is typical of the various questions and comments I’ve received so far: [“ADR” is just] the […]
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